RIDA T. S., based on long time experience and powered by its worldwide partners in engineering, manufacturing, procurement, installation, and maintenance, has strengthened its services in the sectors of oil and gas, refinery and petrochemical plants, marine, water, and power for our local market. Started in 90`s and being active over 15 years now in the same field we have gained experience and acceptance by clients.
RIDA T.S. is active in various fields we can proudly say that we have developed our company and the engineers over the years being the experts in the field of ultrasonic flow meters and complete metering packages for general metering and even more for custody applications in the oil and gas field.

The Company Announces its desire to recruit a Maintenance Division Manager:


  1. Carry out sales activities related to maintenance in market.
  2. Manage tenders and bidding processes of maintenance projects.
  3. Hire and train maintenance employees to carry out specialized duties
  4. Delegate maintenance issues to appropriate personnel for effective resolution
  5. Inspect clients equipment to identify operational inefficiency and facilitate optimization
  6. Perform periodic maintenance and routine calibration of mechanical, electrical, instrumentations and pneumatic systems, based on clients’ request.
  7. Manage the process of disposal of worn-out/damaged machinery as well as the installation of new equipment
  8. Proffer technical advice and recommendations to clients to ensure an efficient workforce
  9. Conduct risk assessments to identify possible hazard around client facilities or premises.
  10. Design and implement programs for effective maintenance operations.
  11. Ensure adherence to health/safety procedures and policies.
  12. Prepare and manage maintenance budgets in order to meet set objectives.
  13. Monitor equipment inventory and place orders when necessary to ensure availability of required resources
  14. Conduct negotiations with third party contractors to determine the rate and terms of service.
  15. Supervise the activities of client facilities upkeep personnel to ensure they maintain a clean and orderly facility.
  16. Maintain accurate record of maintenance operations and present to upper management reports of daily activities.
  17. Comply with company QMS requirements.
  18. Comply with customer instructions and safety requirements relevant with the job/task.
  19. Monitor the progress of the department’s quality objectives.
  20. Playing role towards achieving management’s goal.
  21. Suggest improvements.
  22. Ensure all records are appropriately filed and maintained.
  23. Prepare the training needs identification for the department’s staff.
  24. Act as intermediary between the management and other personnel in communicating the technical requirements.
  25. Ensure that processes needed for the department are established, implemented and maintained.
  26. To carry out feasibility studies as required.
  27. Record and maintain customer contact data.
  28. Coordinate sales projects.
  29. Providing pre-sales technical assistance and product education.
  30. Ensure that calibration is carried out for equipment.
  31. Ensure repair, test, troubleshoot and maintain equipment.
  32. To prepare reports required by the MD and/or customer.
  33. Carry out incoming inspection and survey for the department related purchased items.
  34. To maintain stock record of parts/products as necessary.
  35. To visit potential customers and to attend meetings with customers.
  36. To liaise with relevant Dept’s and/or customer with regards to discrepancies, project cost control, etc.
  37. To ensure that departmental documents are updated, filed and maintained.
  38. Leading and building capacity of the department’s staff.
  39. To carry out performance appraisal for the department’s staff.
  40. Prepare department budget.
  41. To carry out any other duty as per instructed by the MD.

Skills & Qualificarions:

  1. Education and Training: a Bachelor’s degree in management disciplines such as facility management, or in a related field. Technical degrees such as mechanical or electrical engineering is also necessary for the position. Prior experience (at least 10 years) in construction or facility maintenance is among the prerequisites for the maintenance manager job position.
  2. People management Skills: able to direct and coordinate the activities of a maintenance team.
  3. Technical Skill: conducting equipment inspections to identify and facilitate/conduct repair of machinery.
  4. Observational Skill: identifying faults to initiate repairs and adjustment.
  5. Skilled in planning and time management practices.
  6. Strong knowledge of engineering concepts, including electrical, instrumentations, hydraulic and mechanical systems.
  7. Strong Knowledge of oil and gas international codes and standards of maintenance domains.
  8. Strong knowledge in oil and gas practices and applications.
  9. Ability to interpret blueprints, specifications and schematics.
  10. Effective interpersonal and written communication skills.
  11. Able to work in a fast-paced environment and multi-task effectively.
  12. Excellent organizational and prioritization skills.
  13. Proficient in AUTOCAD.
  14. Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  15. Sufficient level in English language.
  • Interested candidates are kindly requested to send their Cv. Via:

Email: Laila.Harez@ridats.com.

  • Last date to submit the application will be on: 05.07.2018