RIDA T. S., based on long time experience and powered by its worldwide partners in engineering, manufacturing, procurement, installation, and maintenance, has strengthened its services in the sectors of oil and gas, refinery and petrochemical plants, marine, water, and power for our local market. Started in 90`s and being active over 15 years now in the same field we have gained experience and acceptance by clients.

RIDA T.S. is active in various fields we can proudly say that we have developed our company and the engineers over the years being the experts in the field of ultrasonic flow meters and complete metering packages for general metering and even more for custody applications in the oil and gas field.

Business Development Coordinator Job Description:

The business development coordinator is employed to perform a number of very important tasks in a business organization


  1. Liaise with management to develop business plans for the company
  2. Implement plans towards strategic marketing of company’s products
  3. Provide enabling environment for complementing the company’s business plan strategically developed towards better profit making
  4. Develop modalities towards overcoming competition and setting the business up as leader in the company’s chosen niche
  5. Oversee process involved in business development as the organization’s representative
  6. Acquire knowledge about the organization and implement such knowledge in day-to-day dispensation of duty
  7. Understand organization’s business operation and status, including specific opportunities, competitive landscape and business trend towards better service delivery and improved profit making
  8. Identify all potential leads towards placing the organization on solid profit making foundation
  9. Collaborate with other members of staff towards better execution of company’s plans and business development activities
  10. Evaluate any trade association and professionals that can positively impact business practices in the organization
  11. Liaise with relevant staff in proposal development and be involved in tracking success ratio of such proposal
  12. Evaluate all cross-marketing prospects of the organization and provide needed assistance with all cross-marketing initiatives of the company
  13. Liaise with other members of staff for the development and maintenance of profiles specific for the organization
  14. Manage issues like print materials for advertisement and website contents
  15. Edit and update all materials focusing on business development, including websites, intranet, email alerts, and brochures
  16. Liaise with other staff members; execute, organize, and plan various activities of the organization, like client receptions, webinars, and seminars
  17. Work together with marketing department staff to strengthen the organization’s integrity
  18. Participate in the marketing programs of the organization
  19. Ensure proper execution of new business initiatives

Skills & Qualifications:

  1. The business development coordinator is required to possess certain abilities, knowledge, skills, and qualifications in order to function profitably in the organization. Some of these are highlighted below:
  2. Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in relevant fields, like communication, public relations and marketing
  3. 3 years working experience in business development or marketing fields
  4. Ability to use computer programs, like PowerPoint, Excel, and Word processing packages
  5. Willingness to commit more hours than usual to work and to function under flexible working conditions
  6. Willingness to travel for a considerable time period in the course of serving the firm
  7. Good knowledge about marketing principles and client development in a professional service industry setting
  8. Strong verbal and written proficiency, including professional proofreading, editing, and presentation capability
  9. Ability to interact with external and internal clients professionally
  10. Ability to prioritize and manage many tasks simultaneously
  11. Ability to face and overcome new challenges seen in the course of work
  12. Ability to work and interact with members of staff at various levels in the organization
  13. Ability to arrive fast at workable decisions and to adapt self to any working condition
  • Interested candidates are kindly requested to send their Cv. Via:

Email: Laila.Harez@ridats.com with the title of the position you applying for in the subjects line.

  • Last date to submit the CV will be on: 12.07.2018