Our division

Measurement Solutions

RIDA Technical Service has a specific focus on supplying complete measurement solutions accurate reliable and cost effective in the field of static and dynamic measurements for:

  • Process Allocation and Custody Transfer Flow Metering
  • Pipeline Monitoring and Leakage Detection system
  • Tank gauging and tank management system.

Rida T.S. has acquired an extensive expertise over these systems and solutions in where made us a system integrator company capable of providing a complete system based on following solutions:

  • Supplying different types of tank gauging and new technology flow meters such as ultra sonic ,magnetic and mass meter manufactured by KHRONE
  • Supplying different types of manual and automatic tank gauging and tank management system manufactured by HONYWELL
  • Supplying of third party product for flow measurement , gauging and tank management system
  • Project management ,construction and commissioning
  • After sale service and training