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Replacement of 15 Rotrok Valves

Replacement of 15 Rotrok Valves
Sirte Oil Company
Meter battery plant “crude oil exportation plant”
Replacement of 15 Rotork IQ-2000 “small size “ with 15 Pcs of Rotork-10 “big one with gear box”, the work includes:

  1. Isolate the system (electrically and mechanically).
  2. Dismantle the old actuators and remove the connections flanges from them.
  3. Re-Install the coactions flanges back to the vale bodies.
  4. Install the new gear box+ New actuators.
  5. Connect the instrumentations and electrical supply lines to the new system.
  6. MEGGER and point to point test.
  7. Functional tests of the new system through DCS .
  8. Commissioning the system.